Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions About MIG-99®

How is MIG-99® different than feverfew?

MIG-99® is a proprietary unique plant extract. Using a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process, it is derived from feverfew herbs selected for their active ingredients.

How does MIG-99® work?

MIG-99® works over time. Typically, optimum benefits are reported about four months after starting MIG-99®.*

Can I trust this product?

MIG-99® is made in Germany under some of the world’s most rigorous supplement manufacturing standards. You can be confident you receive exactly the 6.25 mg formulation that research reported in scientific journals suggests to be safe and effective. MIG-99® is distributed in the U.S. exclusively through Linpharma, the company that also distributes two of the field’s longest-trusted options, Petadolex® butterbur extract and the Dolovent™ blend of magnesium, CoQ10 and Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Before becoming available in the U.S., MIG-99® was used extensively in Europe with a favorable safety profile. Plus, the MIG-99® brand itself (vs. feverfew as a generic product) has been tested in research studies conducted by internationally respected neurologists.*

What is the best way to purchase MIG-99®?

Given the exceptional quality of the our feverfew, MIG-99® is a solid investment in your neurological health.* To make MIG-99® even more affordable, Linpharma offers an Ongoing Relief Program that offers a substantial discount and FREE shipping on every order. LEARN MORE ABOUT ONGOING RELIEF

Do I need my doctor's approval to take MIG-99®?

Because MIG- dietary supplement, you don't need a prescription. However, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor when you begin taking any supplement. It's interesting to note that in Europe, where natural supplements are considered part of mainstream medicine, MIG-99® is often recommended by doctors. Here in North America, a growing number of doctors are seeing benefits with a regimen of neurological health support such as MIG-99® provides.*

How is MIG-99® taken?

MIG-99® Gelcaps is taken by mouth: 1 Gelcap three times a day — morning, noon and evening, with water or other liquid.

Should I discontinue MIG-99® if I'm having surgery?

You should always check with your doctor.

Who should not take MIG-99®?

If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, don’t use MIG-99® without medical advice.

How can I get answers to additional questions?

Our knowledgeable MIG-99® Customer Service Team is here to help! Call 888-301-1084 from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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