Research Shows MIG-99® Works*

Evaluated in 14 placebo-controlled scientific studies.

MIG-99 Trial Results

MIG-99® shows a favorable benefit-risk ratio.

MIG-99 Placebo
Subjects who experienced adverse events 25.2% 26.6%

Mild, if any, side effects make MIG-99® easy to take. Across all scientific studies no serious adverse events were reported with MIG-99®. In one study, researchers documented that almost 100% of subjects completed the full course of treatment.

MIG-99 Placebo
Subjects who complied with full course of treatment 93.5% 92.6%

MIG-99® delivers the same-strength product used in research. MIG-99 is prepared from feverfew using a proprietary supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and purification technology. Consumers receive the same 6.25 mg formulation used in research published in major scientific journals.

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